Designing “Trip Builder” functionality with a fresh and smooth user experience.

I’ve been working on a really cool project with Busabout. They wanted to introduce a new feature that would allow user to create – customise and manage their trip.

Busabout is the alternative stress-free way to travel Europe, Asia and North America. Their award-winning Hop-on Hop-off travel network allows their passengers the ability to create their own adventure.

This passion to explore the world has developed over the years into their innovative adventures, be it island hopping in Greece and Croatia, partying at Europe’s biggest music festivals, discovering the ancient cultures of Southeast Asia or exploring North America.

As their product is targeting travellers, having a feature that allow you to manage and to create from scratch your adventure is really important.

On this project, I was the sole Product Designer, working closely with engineers.

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01. Ready made trip

The user starts his journey in doing a research in the search bar, and is able to “create his own adventure”, then on the search results page, the user can select a ready made trip or create his own tailor adventure.

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02. Make your own way

The user is able to ‘create his own journey’ where he will build his own itinerary and select the cities where he wants to stop, and for how long. The user has the freedom to customise his trip really easily.

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03. Trip Itinerary

The user have access to all the informations regarding his trip, he can modify – cancel – add more stops, book accommodation or activities and have more details about each cities he is visiting.

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04. Manage your trip

The user can access to his trip with a calendar, a map view and an itinerary view.

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05. Checkout

Once the user is happy with his trip, he can checkout and pay. He can come back anytime to have a check –  manage or modify his trip.