Visual identity design for Online Production Systems.

Create a flexible and modular visual identity system that can be used for all online production tools.

“This needs to lift the tools from a very functional visual identity that is passable, to visual identity that continues to support the highly usable systems, but is good – people enjoy using and development teams feel proud about.”

I’ve joined Somewhat to work on this exciting project for BBC, I was leading the project working closely with the BBC’s UX Design Team. My job, was to create a flexible and modular visual identity.

I’ve delivered the logos, new components, guideline and new icons.


  • Flexibility: the visual identity has been designed to be flexible and modular enough to scale up/down, and work with existing and new tools with a range of implementation effort in order to be applicable to a range of different design tools.
  • Configurability: in some teams there is no full time designers dedicated to the Product, so the visual identity has been designed to be easy to set up, reuse and expand.
  • Part of the same family: each tool is following the visual identity and is easily distinguishable from the others and still feel part of the same family.
  • Scalability: the visual identity is scale to be used in an increasing number of tools.
  • Works with GEL: the visual identity keep consistency to existing GEL guidelines, with a particular focus on legibility and accessibility.