Creating a vibrant brand identity and design a streaming platform for Livetree.

Livetree started as a crowdfunding platform, supporting some of the best and undiscovered talents in the world. Livetree core mission is to give raw talent an international stage which we think will change the industry for good.

Their mission is to bring people together with films and TV in finding content that really speaks with their audience and giving them total control on what comes on to Livetree.

Livetree is a blockchain platform based, they want to immerse their users in the blockchain world easily in taking the best aspects of blockchain (privacy, payments, transparency and democratisation) to bring an unparalleled user experience. They created their own token “SED” and to unlock the full power of Livetree, the user can take part in all features, from buying films to redeeming the most exclusive invitations in the industry. The SED is a mini-economy in itself!

I’ve worked with Livetree as a Lead Product Designer to work on this amazing and challenging project. In order to create the most accurate brand identity and a user centric platform, I needed to know more about the users.


Create a brand from scratch.


Livetree is born thanks to a crowdfunding, so I needed to create the brand from the scratch and try to learn more about my users.

I’ve been able to target them as young, cool, connected and tech-savy.

My first challenge was to create a vibrant brand, create a logo, a ton of voice and also establish the brand guidelines.

I needed to assess as quickly as possible what are the requirements for the platform, that’s the reason why the discovery phase is really important. I’ll be able to know more about what is the competition but also establish what are the future platform’s requirements.

Creative Direction

I’ve been working closely with Illo for the creative direction, we contacted them to realised an illustrated video based on our new brand identity following the brand guidelines and also asked them to create characters that will be use as avatars.

Designing the platform

Creating a video platform where user can discover film and TV like never before.

My mission was to create a platform where:

The user has the possibility to dive into rooms and meet likeminded people where they can watch, share and connect.

The platform is powered by the community. Watching, sharing and connecting are the main interactions so I needed to design the platform around those main actions.

Here is a glimpse of what our community wanted from the platform:

  • No scrolling
  • No wasting time
  • Content tailored to the user’s taste
  • Participating
  • Investing
  • Earning
  • Blockchain
  • Community

Livetree provided me the architecture and the vision that they wanted for the platform, in taking these informations, I could start working on the wireframes.

Style guide

After creating the branding, building the architecture of the platform and nailing the wireframes, it was time to create a UI style guide to be able to create components as consistent as possible.

I was working with 2 teams, one based in Poland and the other based in Ukraine. Creating a design system was the best way to keep the consistency with the components created and also to help the devs to work smoothly on this really tight deadline.

My mission was to minimize the creation of new components in creating scalable modules that can be re used  for different purposes.




                      The grid






Bring wireframes to life.

After creating the style guide and the components, it was easier to bring the wireframes to life. I’ve designed all the high fidelity designs starting with the homepage. While I was designing, I was working closely with the development team in providing them everything that they needed to start the production.

The style guide and the specs has been shared with them, and the high fidelity designs were shared with Zeplin. All the assets were shared via Google Drive.

I had a really tight deadline on this project so I needed to design fast but also make sure that the live website was consistent to my designs.

My mission on this project was to create a vibrant platform that bring people sharing the same passion together.












                      Room page

“The Tharks were having their hands full in the center of the room, and I began to realize that nothing short of a miracle could save Dejah Thoris and myself, when I saw Tars Tarkas surging through the crowd of pygmies that swarmed about him.”

Isaac Tobin Creative Director at Fantasy Interactive




                      Discovery page 




                      Watch page