My mission at Shpock

“Inspiring trust to our users”

Shpock is an online marketplace that uses a mobile and browser-based platform for private buying and selling of things around a certain area, in the UK but also in Germany and Austria.

I joined Shpock as a Senior Product Designer and joined the Trust squad. I worked alongside a Product Manager, A QA, an Android engineer, a iOs engineer, a tech lead, a data analyst and a scrum master. We worked on an Agile environment working into 2 weeks sprint cycle and we were all working remotely from different parts of the world.

Our mission was to bring trust to the platform which was attracting a lot of scammers, and our mission was to tackle that and help each users to feel confident in using trust from the onboarding to the delivery.

Cancel a deal

One of my first project was to give the opportunity to the user to be able to cancel a deal.

The overall objective is to understand why the user (buyer) is using customer service to cancel a deal when he can cancel the deal without using customer service.

Our goals :

  1.  Minimising the number of tickets open per deals.
  2. Create a better help center to allow the user to solve his problem without having to contact customer service.
  3.  Determine how we can guide the user.
  4.  Understand what are the reasons for the user to cancel the deal.
  5.  Understand the circumstances of his cancellation.

User Interviews

The approach :

We ran one-to-one interviews with buyers profile based in UK but also look into customer service data. In total we completed :

  • 4 interviews x 30 minutes – Users are using Faecbook MarketPlace, Ebay, Amazon and sometimes Shpock.
  •  Users were based in UK from 25 to 45 years old.
  •  Went through over 100 tickets

Our interviews were structured to answer the following questions :

  • Which marketplaces do you use?
  • How often do you use marketplaces?
  • Where do you sell the most? Why?
  • What do you usually sell?
  • Have you ever had a bad experience on one of these platforms?
  • Have you ever cancelled an order?


Reducing the number of tickets received by the customer service

Our mission was to help reduce the number of tickets received by CS in proposing in solution where the user would be able to cancel the deal without contacting CS.




From the ideation we came up with few ideas that could help us to reduce the number of tickets and to help our users to find the solution they need in order to solve the problem without contacting CS depending on the situation.

We realised that in some situations, the user would still contact the CS.

Possible solutions :

  • Send an automated CS message that can be seen by buyer and seller.
  • Add a confirmation screen to remind the user that he is cancelling and inform/educate him about the 24h and the 5 days before he get his refund back.
  • Educate the user – ‘Cancel deal’ isn’t cancelling but requesting a cancellation where the seller has 24h to take action.
  • Measuring – if the user is actually reading HC article.
  • A call to action should be added in the HC articles.